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Thank you for opening your mind to a world where everyone is included.

As a stroke survivor with muscular dystrophy, my experience with inclusion has not been ideal. Navigating an inaccessible world from my scooter has made life’s challenges that much harder. My mission is to share my voice to help others feel included.

Handicap Accessible Locations

Terminal 5

Concert Venue


Inclusive Experience🌈♿

Didn’t have to wait in line, they were prepared with an ADA security personnel who was super helpful and nice. We were escorted to an accessible area on the second floor if your favorite artist is jamming there, I would definitely recommend, it was a seamless experience. Pro: Jam out in an area practically to yourself, Con: Hard to find parking

Universal Studios



100% Accessible♿

If you’re an avid Universal fan like me, or in Orlando Fl, you should definitely hit it up. There is an accessible booth where you can get an ADA card for access to rides. All the rides are accessible, waiting in line however, is 50/50. Staff were really friendly and make your experience amazing! Pro: ADA Card!, Con: Large crowds

Bush Garden



100% Accessible♿

If you’re an avid adrenaline junkie, this is a small park in Tampa Fl, full of animals roller coasters and accessible Safari rides! It is easy to buy your tickets online/on site.

Pro: Not super crowded

Con: Roller-coasters are not very comfortable

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